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Sandboarding & Quadbiking

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No prior Sandboarding or Quad Biking experience is required to enjoy this popular combo. We cater for all abilities from absolute beginner to adventure hero.

Brave enough for a day of brilliant ‘boarding?

First you’ll learn how to glide down gigantic dunes like a snowboarder on slopes. The best part about Sandboarding: It’s easy to learn which means it’s accessible to the absolute beginner. That’s right – adrenaline is just a slide away! It is also the best way to learn the fundamentals of Snowboarding as the basic principles are the same. Our expert boarders will show you just how easy it is on the largest dunes in the Antalya, just up the Mediterranean Coast. We give a complete Sandboarding course, based on Internationally Accredited snowboarding training.

This addictive adrenaline sport is taking the world by storm. By using the latest equipment and techniques, Outdoor Adventures Sports Company greatly contributes to the innovation of this sport. We’ll take you to the largest dunes in the Antalya where our expert instructors will teach riders the proper technique to ensure safety and ease of learning. Not to mention an awesome time!

After mastering the basics of Sandboarding under the Turkish sun, we’ll let you rest your legs on an off-road Quad Biking adventure. The trails twist and wind through sand and bush, offering climbs, descents, technical sections and flat-out straights. Reaching speeds of up to 80 km per hour, find out what your machine’s got or take it easy and enjoy the awesome scenery.

You do not need any previous experience. Our experienced guides will have u sandboarding like a pro in no time!

The dunes are approximately 45min - 1hr driving from Antalya CBD

You will be riding a 250CC quadbike which is pretty powerful so you'll need to hold on tight!

A drivers license is not required for quadbiking.

You will have an exciting 1hr session on the quadbike.

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• Our trips run every day of the week
• From 10:00am to 5:00pm


• All equipment
• Professional instructors
• Transport
• Hotel shuttle

Why Book with us

• Antalya Outdoor Adventures Sports Company was founded in 1991 and is the longest standing adventure company in Antalya, with over 20 years of experience
• We have an impeccable safety record
• All our guides are registered and professionally trained
• We offer powerful 250CC quadbikes for a thrilling ride!
• We were the first company to start Sandboarding in Turkey
• We are the only company to use real snowboards, boots and bindings modified for sand
• With an impeccable safety record, we are the only company to offer lessons based on a real snowboarding lesson with registered guides
• Luxury transport from our shop in central Antalya is included